What I learned in 2014 from many of you...and some animated characters

I feel the same kind of pressure to send out epic year-end thoughts, as I do to plan an epic New Years Eve night.  Could it be that I promised a game changing, life altering "most amazing post EVAH"?  OK, so if you saw that, I was really just trying to get your attention. (and apparently got a few people worried I might move to Europe...I'm flattered, really)
I will continue to teach my weekly classes and plan to organize great workshops in 2015; Asana, Meditation, Restorative, Ayurvedic Health/Wellness, and more.  So please follow me on Facebook  or stay tuned here.  
And a little something to offer you - a compilation of things I learned in 2014.  I'm quite certain I've forgotten more than I learned, but this some of what I will take with me to 2015. 

Breathe more - Rest more - Play more
- I'd rather end up wishing I hadn't, than wishing I had
- I still can't fold fitted sheets despite ample advice
- Being vulnerable is very powerful
- Let someone force you to see the world differently, even if it breaks your heart
- Everyone's a bit of a fixer upper. And some people are worth melting for
- Balance isn't a place.  Its a process

Breathe more - Rest more - Play more
- I'm getting good at choosing friends
- Go for a walk
- There is usually a better way to say it if I just pause for a moment
- Robin Williams was loved by so many and somehow it didn't help
- Squirrels don't care if their mate is gray or black
- The start of something big is often small and unremarkable
- Its harder to be authentic than nice
- Chemical cleaners are very bad for the environment and work very well
Every life matters.  Many will suffer until we get this right
- Theater, Art, Film, Music, Dance are here to transport us, momentarily, from our own lives
- Eat seasonal and local
- Clothing swaps are awesome
- Smell your food first.  If it smells good, eat it.  If it doesn't - choose wisely
- Read a lot
- Listen to your body.  Its always telling you something
- Indulging can feel sooooo good.....or bad
- No one deserves the skim milk version
- Our healthcare system still needs work
- Our healthcare system is better than most
- Texting might be a valid form of communicating but I still need to hear and see you

- Cold is cold.  Call it Polar Vortex or what you want
- Pope Francis is cooler than any Pope in our lifetime
Breathe more - Rest more - Play more
- If I don't celebrate my birthday, it happens anyway
My daily life requires courage

- Say the following liberally: I'm sorry.  I forgive you.  Will you forgive me.  I love you.