Just wanted to say thanks for last night. I enjoy coming to your class. You inspire me to be better on the mat and off.
— Natali - South Orange, NJ
It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve taken your yoga class and I can’t seem to find any classes I like as much as yours. I miss your classes!
— Maria
Thanks so much for being so kind and such a great, fun yoga teacher too. Your Sunday AM class I looked forward to all week.
— Laura P
You are in my heart, soul and mind. Any and all time with you is a gift.
Words can not express my gratitude for your wisdom, scholarship, teaching and authenticity...
You have added love and then some to my life.
You are a grounding force like no other!
— Gail
You have been a very big inspiration and helped me this year. You make all the difference in my wanting to stretch myself (in so many ways). I would come to the gym regardless, but it’s a much richer experience because you are here, spreading positive vibes and inspiration (by every definition).
— Thank you – Melissa.
I’m in awe. I’m teaching a series for beginners right now and I’ve been teaching beginners for several years, and have considered that my teaching niche or comfort zone. Attending two consecutive intro classes of yours has been an eye opening experience. Your teaching is quite inspiring. WOW.
— Tom
Wanted to thank you for your fab classes. You have had such an incredible impact on my practice as well as my life. The things you say at the start of the class, stay with me thru the day and often the week.. and I want to thank you for all that.
— Sheena – New York, NY
I am going to miss your Sunday AM class so much! There are many reasons why your yogic “pearls of wisdom” at the beginning of each class, the choice of eclectic poses and most profoundly, your fun-loving personality and attitude during class. Its no coincidence that your Sunday morning class gew into a real community – a class where “everyone knows your name” – The Cheers Bar of yoga classes!
— Laura
Strange things are still sore. I heart mindy
— Katie
You gave me the gift of “inspiration” to take this path... and I am forever grateful! Thank you for all of your teachings.
— With Love, Emily
I want to say thank you to someone who has helped me so much this year!!!
— Kim - New York, NY