Semper Ubi Sub Ubi - Always Wear Under-Wear

Semper Ubi Sub Ubi - Always Wear Under-Wear. I am considering it as the ongoing title of my blog.  A few people already suggested I should be open to other ideas.  So perhaps this is just a test of the Emergency Broadcast System.  If this were a real blog……..

In June I posted this on my Facebook Page

“Its been my practice to suggest healthy seasonal changes. On the first day of Summer I'd like to suggest a sensible practice. For those of you who take yoga classes - wear undergarments that both conceal and contain your genitalia. Always! Men, Women and any gender variation. Fabric moves and stretches to translucency. Please don't misinterpret my suggestion - I think the human form, in all its variations, is sublime. However - as my philosophy teacher says - you wouldn't light a cigarette with a Sabbath Candle. Its a sacred space for some of us. Please don't expose yourself in yoga class. Please and thank you!”

While there was a particular incident that prompted the post, there is also a collection of images that have been permanently scorched in my memory.  Mostly in a “Gah! Did I really need to see that?”, way. 

Exposing yourself inadvertently – or advertently – in Yoga is not really the point.  Its just an example leading to …..

Do you know the impression, impact and imprint you are making on the world around you?

Yes, I’m going to turn this into a Yoga/Mindfulness thing.  This is what I do! This is how I ROLL!

Most people know Yoga as a series of movements meant to stretch/strenghten your body.  Or as a sweaty grovin-to-music workout.  And while they both can be, Yoga literally means to connect (yoke, unite, yuj).  It is to understand and know more of yourself – to know; how you react, how you learn, how you move, who you are in the world, the contributions you make.  To know not only the way you place effort to reach your goals, but also the actions that occur inadvertently along the way.

The impact and imprint we make on the world matters.  This is not news.  Our environmental imprint, our economic contributions, even our visual impact leaves an impression.  Its OK if you don't care what people think about you.  In fact, its not a bad policy - sometimes.  But its physics - something is being impacted by your actions, always. 

If you want to capture attention, go for it! Stand out in the crowd, expose yourself….to stares and scrutiny. Just know who you are and the imprint you make on the world. 

Perhaps the work of Yoga and Mindfulness is to know and choose what you are revealing to the world. 

Oh and......Saturday, September 12 at 10am in Central Park  - join Lisa Langer and me as we UNITE for a fun and fabulous outdoor Yoga Class.  More information to come, so sign-up for my mailing list, ‘like’ my Facebook page, and check-in on my upcoming workshops/events

What I learned in 2014 from many of you...and some animated characters

I feel the same kind of pressure to send out epic year-end thoughts, as I do to plan an epic New Years Eve night.  Could it be that I promised a game changing, life altering "most amazing post EVAH"?  OK, so if you saw that, I was really just trying to get your attention. (and apparently got a few people worried I might move to Europe...I'm flattered, really)
I will continue to teach my weekly classes and plan to organize great workshops in 2015; Asana, Meditation, Restorative, Ayurvedic Health/Wellness, and more.  So please follow me on Facebook  or stay tuned here.  
And a little something to offer you - a compilation of things I learned in 2014.  I'm quite certain I've forgotten more than I learned, but this some of what I will take with me to 2015. 

Breathe more - Rest more - Play more
- I'd rather end up wishing I hadn't, than wishing I had
- I still can't fold fitted sheets despite ample advice
- Being vulnerable is very powerful
- Let someone force you to see the world differently, even if it breaks your heart
- Everyone's a bit of a fixer upper. And some people are worth melting for
- Balance isn't a place.  Its a process

Breathe more - Rest more - Play more
- I'm getting good at choosing friends
- Go for a walk
- There is usually a better way to say it if I just pause for a moment
- Robin Williams was loved by so many and somehow it didn't help
- Squirrels don't care if their mate is gray or black
- The start of something big is often small and unremarkable
- Its harder to be authentic than nice
- Chemical cleaners are very bad for the environment and work very well
Every life matters.  Many will suffer until we get this right
- Theater, Art, Film, Music, Dance are here to transport us, momentarily, from our own lives
- Eat seasonal and local
- Clothing swaps are awesome
- Smell your food first.  If it smells good, eat it.  If it doesn't - choose wisely
- Read a lot
- Listen to your body.  Its always telling you something
- Indulging can feel sooooo good.....or bad
- No one deserves the skim milk version
- Our healthcare system still needs work
- Our healthcare system is better than most
- Texting might be a valid form of communicating but I still need to hear and see you

- Cold is cold.  Call it Polar Vortex or what you want
- Pope Francis is cooler than any Pope in our lifetime
Breathe more - Rest more - Play more
- If I don't celebrate my birthday, it happens anyway
My daily life requires courage

- Say the following liberally: I'm sorry.  I forgive you.  Will you forgive me.  I love you.

Spring Will Spring

Here in NYC, it doesn't quite feel like Spring.  We've all lost a bit of perspective now that Polar Vortex is a common phrase around here.  Since when does 40° feel like Spring?  Reality check! That's 8° above FREEZING! Still, Spring will arrive.  It always does.

We've already sprung our clocks forward and more changes are coming.  If you take a moment to get quiet inside, you'll notice little changes: buds on trees, new bird calls, teeny-tiny green sprouts of spring flowers.   When our environment changes, we need to steady ourselves to stay healthy, grounded, vibrant, SANE.

My plan, pick a few things to do consistently -  a quick and easy routine….No, I don't mean that morning (or 3pm) Savior dose of caffeine.   Just a few simple things we can make time for - to nourish ourselves.

  • Make yoga (or any physical, emotional, mental practice) a consistent thread in your life
  • Try to add one new daily health routine. Heard of Oil Pulling yet?  Its easy and the benefits are astounding.  Check out this article entitled WTF is Oil Pulling.
  • Freshen up your environment. Buy an indoor plant.  Oh, you have that already? Then try sprouting your own sprouts. Its easier than you think, urban people.  (
  • If you're up for it, try a Spring Detox.  Not sure how? I have great resources, ask me.