A seriously playful and inspiring yoga teacher. My teachings invite a meaningful connection and are full of self-discovery. I strive to expresses a depth of knowledge and connect students of all levels, to their greatest potential.

My yoga classes weave the historic traditions of yoga with a current relevance.  I teach publicly and privately in NYC, educate and consult on Ayurvedic method of health and wellness, mentor new yoga teachers, lead retreats, and teach seriously playful workshops.

My Yoga, both on and off the mat, is a life-long practice.

A student of yoga since 1995, I continue to broaden my studies with nationally recognized teachers, the extremely talented instructors around NYC, renowned philosophy scholars, as well as extensive exploration in Ayurveda, Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Breathing. 

I live in NYC and am grateful for the lessons and inspirations this city gives me every day. 

(certified with the Yoga Alliance since 2003, 500 E-RYT)


Ayruveda means the science of life.  Taking cues from nature around us, knowing the seasons, and knowing our own nature, Ayruveda is a naturopathic method of health and wellness.  Manage stress, auto-immune disease, digestive disorders, insomnia, lethargy, weight loss/gain, depression, anxiety - any part of you that feels out of balance can be served with this method.  Little changes in meals, sleep, movement can bring balance .  Ask me how I can help you heal.

Therapeutic Yoga Sessions incorporate the healing power of yoga is proven.  Yoga aligns the body in an optimal way for healing and building strength.  It can address stiff joints, aching muscles, chronic or acute back/shoulder/knee injuries, spine alignment, carpal tunnel, repetitive strain, low energy, anxiety, sleep, relaxation, and weight loss.  The benefits and healing through yoga are vast.

Customized to meet your individual needs, a Private Yoga Session, in the comfort of your home or office, is an excellent way to receive personal attention.  To learn relaxation techniques, refresh your body and mind, alleviate chronic or acute pain/stiffness, or to bring your personal yoga practice to the next level.  No prior experience is necessary to receive the benefits of yoga.  


Yoga Parties are a fun and healthy way to gather with friends and family.  I offer customized yoga sessions for groups of all sizes and ages.



Are you in an underserved community in need of yoga? Do you want to raise money for your charitable organization? Contact me about donating my services.


Relaxation, mindfulness and concentration are all yoga techniques that enhance your efficiency and experience in a corporate setting.  Contact me to ask about classes and workshops I offer in a corporate setting.


I am an ordained Minister and registered to perform marriage ceremonies in the 5-boroughs of NYC.  Please contact me if you're considering a personalized non-religious wedding.