Summer is Here!

OK, technically its not here quite yet. But there is something about Memorial Day Weekend that marks more than just a day of honoring.  For me its when the pools, the parks, the Summer Fun starts. 

As the days get long and outdoor playtime calls, are you ready? 

Some Summer Tips to stay vibrant and cool: 

  • Awaken as early as possible.  Sunrise is early (close to 5 am) but don't be afraid, we're meant sleep less in the summer.  Try it, see what your body can handle. 
  • Get up and move around.  Use the extra awake time to walk, dance or or something.
  • Keep cool...but not icy.  Drink cool but not iced water.  For an extra special Summer Season treat, add cooling foods like cucumber, mint and lemon or lime. 
  • Try using organic Coconut Oil as a cooling skin lotion (yes, that stuff in a jar in the oil or "super-food" section of your health-food store.
  • See what shows up at your Local Farmers Market.  Bring a big bag with you, get a variety and enjoy the abundance of summer.