Spring? Ohhhh Spriiiing?

It feels odd to be writing about Spring when its 42-degrees. But May is a-knockin' and Spring will be a-rockin'.  

Spring Tips to feel Rockin' in Spring:
- Awaken with the sun (gulp - its getting early).  People who get up at dawn report having more energy and feeling vibrant throughout the day.
- Drink warm water with lemon in the morning.  Do you have Spring allergies? Add cayenne pepper or ginger in your lemon-water to rid some of that Spring congestion.  
- Change your greens.  Spring greens are hitting the farmer's market.  Change it up.  Add these seasonal, sharp greens to your salad or juicer - its not always about Kale.
Oil pull.  I know, I'm relentless but it works.
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