Things I learned from running in Central Park

You may be surprised to learn that I run now.  Thanks to my 45-year old metabolism (which needed my attention and a boost) and to some wonderfully supportive and encouraging advice - I am a RUNNER.  

You won't be surprised to learn that as a yoga teacher, by running, I found out a lot about myself and about the world.  So this year, instead of my "things I learned last year" post, I thought I'd try this! 

Things I learned from Running in Central Park 2015

  • Some days the best I can do is to keep breathing and keep moving.  And somehow, that gets me great distances.
  • I can change.
  • Set attainable – not unrealistic – goals.
  • If the hill seems overwhelming, don’t look too far ahead.  Look right in front of you and take one step at a time. That one next little step doesn’t look or feel like a big hill.
  • Getting hurt doesn’t mean stop.  It means rest, heal, and try again – with a different strategy this time.
  • Uphill battles are real.  And then they are over. And then there is another one. And then they are over. And then sometimes, you get so strong, that you don’t even notice the uphill anymore.
  • There is a sneaky little place in my subconscious that always has an early exit strategy.  I am learning to not listen to that sabotaging voice.
  • Make a plan to spend time with good company.  Make a plan to spend quality time alone.
  • Everyone has their own pace and their own route.  So although there is no such thing as going the wrong way, there is such thing as getting in the way – share the road.
  • There are very competitive people in the world who don’t care about anyone else. There are very supportive people in the world who are compassionate and inspiring.
  • Its amazing how many men in NYC look like Jason Robards.
  • Keep your head up and eyes open.  There are rare birds, beauty and friends passing by all the time.
  • Some people never stop working even when they run.  Some people leave work to sit under a tree and rest.
  • Its ok if you don’t always reach your intended goal.  Some days, a little something is enough.
  • If you see someone struggling, give them space - or - ask if they want support.  One of those will be wrong, and you won’t know which one, but do it anyway.
  • Greet people warmly – even if they don’t return the gesture.
  • It might feel like everyone in the world is passing you.  But if you’re still at it, you’re making progress.